- Tennis instructor and trainer at various clubs in Basilicata (TC Avigliano, Tennis Club Rossellino, TC Potenza)

- Director of ASD "La casa nel bosco"

- President of Oliver SSD Club


President of Rossellino 2000 company
Management of sports facilities and sports arenas City Potenza


Board Member of Rossellino 2000 company


- Former president of ASD "La casa nel bosco"

- F.I.T advisor


Playing Career


Regional singles champion in 1978-80, finalist in '84, third in '92
Master Lucan finalist in 1981
Regional doubles champion in 1981
No.30 (No.8 cat. Nc, cat 5 Junior, 9 doubles, 8 cat.C)
Winner of the Team regional championship with TC Potenza in 1980-82, '84 and '88
Winner of the Team regional championship with the TC Rossellino in 1989


GPTCA C-Level International Coach


Academic Year 2001/2002
University of Tor Vergata - Rome Faculty of Medicine
Completion and finalization of the ISEF studies
Qualification Degree in Sports Science awarded in 2002


ISEF (Physical Education Institute) of Naples section of Potenza
Physical Education and Technology of the major sports
Diploma in Physical Education awarded in 1991


Liceo classico V ° O. Flacco - PZ
Classic School diploma qualification awarded


Valerio Oliviero


Phone no.: +39 3204103863