Our tennis academy was founded in September 2017 in Passau, Germany. At the moment we are working with 4 clubs in total, 3 of them being located in Austria and our home club in Passau. 

In our main tennis center in Passau, there are 8 outdoor clay courts, 2 indoor clay courts and a restaurant which is also part of our tennis academy. The restaurant provides the best food for our players and a good atmosphere all around, for the perfect tennis environment.

The academy is committed to ensuring that each player improves technically, tactically, physically and mentally reaching their overall maximum performance. 

Our young and talented coaching team will make sure that whether you are a bloody beginner or on your way to becoming a champion, you will get the best education and tennis experience. So, if you like tennis and a good atmosphere, join us and be part of our Tennis Family! 

Lukas Maric | Head Coach (GPTCA Member) 

Patrik Jovanovic (GPTCA Member)

Drazen Crnomarkovic (GPTCA Member) 

David Gregori 

Kristof Schlegl 

Patrick Schmidmer 

Quirin Brandl 

Sebastian König 

Felix Guenter