November 2016-to-date
Tennis Coach at JAT Masters Tennis Academy, Colombo, Sri Lanka 
- Teaching students techniques to grip a racket, take service, and use different shots such as forehand, backhand
- Analyzing and correcting footwork of players and instructing how to move on the ground 
- Taking running drills and hitting balls to players for determining different swings
- Enacting the role of a mentor and friend and maintaining coach-and-student relationship
- Coached and developed high performance junior players out of which two represented Sri Lanka in ITF Asian Tennis Tournament Qualifying (U12) and many in National tennis rankings and Island wide inter school tournament in only six months
- Six players of their academy out of which four are personally trained by him are ranked among top 10 in the country (Sri Lanka)
- Sessions taken by him were mostly private and less group

November 2015-November 2016 
Tennis Coach at Noida Tennis Academy, Noida, India
- Provided clarity and focus to players before every practice session and match 
- Developed and implemented safe, productive, healthy and motivating environment
- Focus was more on beginners and take out a champion out of them
- Ensured students were enjoying the lessons and adapted the lessons to meet the needs of the student with the goal that they will continue developing and enjoying tennis for life
- Gave instruction to players on playing tennis and anticipating opponent’s moves
- Sessions mostly taken by him were mostly group and less private
- One student has reached semi-finals in many national ranking tournaments (U14) and was also runner-up in one open tournament (U16)

Playing Career
- Played ATT in Colombo, Sri Lanka in February 2017
- Played Inter University Nationals (India) held at Aligarh in February 2016 (Quarter-finalist)
- Semi-finalist in Inter college tournament for two consecutive years 


GPTCA C-Level International Coach


Currently studying Tennis Anatomy

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from GGSIP University, Delhi, India

Schooling in Commerce with Physical Education from Ram-eesh International School, Greater Noida, India 

Sanyam Chauhan

Phone: +91 9718645146