Tennis Director of Gorin Tennis Academy

Tennis Coach at Bellevue Tennis Academy
- Coach, High Performance Program
- Coordinator, Junior Program
- Tennis coach (Private and Group lessons)

Co-owner of ATP Luminy, Sporting Director and Head Coach
- Coached competitive players and Managed teaching pros
- In charge of the company’s communication and sponsorships

Tennis Teacher in Sciences Technical Sports at Université Aix-Marseille II (University of the Mediterranean)
- Head Coach: Training specialist Tennis (Intervention from the 1st to 4th year)
- Initiator training in collaboration with the Provence League Tennis

Sporting Director at Tennis Club Phocéen
- Managed teaching pros
- Referee for the tournaments in the club (2000-2005)
- Coached competitive players
- Tournament Event Management and communication

Coach at Tennis Club Phocéen
- Team Captain of National team (1993-2003)
- Coach for the Tennis School - elite training and tennis camps

Successfully coached Anne Pastor who was #1 ranked tennis player in the Women’s junior categories in France; top 5 in the world

Coach in Provence League, Provence League Tennis
- Captained Provence teams in French Championships
- Trained and coached nationally ranked players and international junior player

Trainer at Sophia Antipolis Country Club
- Coach at international training camp P.HAGELAUEUR

- Director of the French Tennis Federation and coach of a French Open winner
- Head coaching of internal trainees


Playing Career

Player for Tennis Club Phocéen
- Best Level 5.5– 6.0 (won 1 match on the tour – Austria qualification challenger)
- Player in Team 1 (National 1 & 2 in France)

15 years of experience as a Sporting Director: management and communication

Experience in sporting events: marketing, sponsoring, project manager

Marketing Manager at Tennis Club Phocéen, “Conseil Techniques” Consulting-Owner
- In charge of the club’s communication and sponsor acquisition

State Diploma Tennis
Creps BOULOURIS, Specific training TENNIS "Educator Sports 1st Degree"

Educator Sports 1st Degree (Monitor)
Aix en Provence, Common training sports Patent Status



MASTER 2 Sciences Technical Sports from Marseille Faculty of Sport Sciences
Mention: Drive and motor performance
Research: Role of the free arm in strikes forehand tennis

MASTER 1 Sciences Technical Sports from Marseille Faculty of Sport Sciences
Mention: Drive and motor performance
Research: Role of the left arm in bimanual tasks

Licence Sciences Technical Sports from Marseille Faculty of Sports Sciences
Mention: Drive and motor performance
Research: The psychological relationship "Player-Coach Parents" top level tennis

General University Diploma from Faculty of Sciences Marseille
Study “Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences”
Mathematics applied to Social Sciences Computer Option

Baccalaureate D from Academy MARSEILLE
Mathematics - Physics - Chemistry - Natural Sciences

Philippe Manuceau-Graziani

Email: manuceauphilippe@gmail.com
Phone no.: 2067072135 (USA)
Website: www.tenniscoachphilippe.com