University of Perugia, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (Sport Science) 

Thesis Title: "Physical, Tecnical and Mental aspects in forehand action of tennis"
Degree Mark: 110 cum LAUDE



University of Udine, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (Sport Science)



University of Udine, Faculty of Physical Education 

Thesis title: “Errors and corrections in the service of tennis







- GPTCA B-Level International Coach (Bettona, September 28-30)

- P.T.R. Certificate of Attendance, Tennis Forum at Vavassori Tennis Academy

- Coach of Pericolini Luca at Italian Championships (Modena) 

- Athletic Trainer of Gerasimov Egor (ATP #531) 

- P.T.R. Certificate of Attendance, Junior Development Training (Marlengo)

- Coach, Personal Trainer, Sparring Partner of Helen De Cesare (WTA player, January-March) 

- P.T.R., Professional Level
- C.S.E.N., Tennis Teacher Level (Roma)



- Athletic Trainer and Tennis Teacher of Mazzella Manuel (cat. 2.3) (November-December)

- Speaker at 13° International Tennis Symposium, (Milan) 

- Athletic Trainer of Andriuc Raresh (no. 5 in Europe U16), Shyla Yaroslav (ATP player) 

- GPTCA C-Level International Coach (Relais San Clemente) 

- P.T.R. Certificate of Attendance, Physical Conditioning (Marlengo) 

- P.T.R. Certificate of Attendance, Advanced Teaching (Marlengo) 

- P.T.R. Certificate of Attendance, Tennis Forum at Vavassori Tennis (Palazzolo)

- P.T.R. Certificate of Attendance, Munchkin Tennis (Marlengo)



- C.S.E.N. Instructor of Tennis Level (Roma)

- P.T.R. Certificate of Attendance, Junior Coaching (Torino) 

- P.T.R. Certificate of Attendance, XI International Tennis Symposium (Milano)



- collaboration with ASD Redipuglia, Organizer, Coordinator and Teacher of courses for 6-13 year-olds (Redipuglia)

- P.T.R. Certificate of Attendance, Tennis Forum at Vavassori Tennis Academy (Palazzolo)

- P.T.R. Certificate of Attendance, Mental Strength (Marlengo)



- Sparring Partner and Coach of Alberto De Meo (2.7) at Italian Championships (Napoli Under 14) 



His tennis career came to an end at the age of 18 due to a serious right wrist injury. 


As a kid, he won the Slovenian Circuit (U10), Masters of Slovenia (U10). He was one of the best players in Italy in the under-14 category. Later he played Futures events in Europe before quitting. 


Curious Facts 

- the 1st guy ever to play tennis in a museum

- knows a lot of tennis tricks 

- his tennis idol is Pete Sampras 

- called 'the Prince of Coaching'



email: pellizzaro.manuel@gmail.com