He is conducting a tennis research: the object of the research is how to use your body most effectively in playing tennis. He's developing a playing system based on three points:


1) You use two hands: you play a righthanded forehand if the ball is on you right side and left handed forehand if the ball is on your left side (baseline and at the net)

2) You use a "classic" serve but also a jump serve depending on the situation 


3) You return serve starting from an "already open" stance


These three points are explained and illustrated in a series of videos (below) and papers (to appear shortly). 


Videos available at the website: www.sites.google.com/site/newtennisdevelopment



GPTCA C-Level International Coach


Degree in Economics, Mathematics (PhD), University of Perugia, Italy 


Giacomo Tagliavia


Email:      gftagliavia@gmail.com