September 2020-to-date
Head Coach / Coach Consultant, Tennis Europe Junior Tour (U12, U14, U16)
- Coaching and training of young tennis players on the Tennis Europe U12, U14, U16 tour
- Travel with the players in France and Europe.
- Coaching of two players at the 2022 Tennis Europe U14 "Les Petits As" tournaments in the qualifying and main draw

October 2021-June 2022
Director of the first edition of the national U10 tournament "Les Petits Hérault"
- Management of media and sponsor relations
- 9 qualifying tournaments between October 2021 and May 2022
- 1 final master with the winners of each tournament in June 2022
- 354 games played over the period. 134 players from Lyon, Paris, Nice, Bordeaux and all over France

May 2016-March 2020
Head Coach / Coach Consultant, ITF Women's World Tennis Tour (W15 to W60)
- Year-round or one-time coaching according to players' needs
- Management of end of season preparations
- Experience on many W15 to W60 tournaments in France and abroad

President of a tennis club with more than 500 players within the Metropole of Montpellier
- Management of the club's general and sports policy
- Management of relations with the French Tennis Federation and local entities
- Departmental and regional titles in the youth categories in individual and team
- Management of a team of 3 coaches and 2 assistant coaches
- Creation of a staff with a physical and mental trainer and a dietetic follow-up

Tennis Coach in several clubs in the South of France - Assistant Coach at the French University

Playing Career

- Best French ranking : 3/6. More than 20 years classified in second series in France
- Best team practice level: National 3

Consultant - biomechanical expert tennis Kinvent
1. Injury prevention for U12 and U14 tennis Europe players at the level of : shoulder using fatigability/mobility indicators; wrist using grip strength
2. Analysis of the counter-movement Jump on serve of several WTA players with determination of the optimal knee flexion angle to generate maximum explosiveness as well as the extension speed of the ankle + knee + hip
3. Determination of the strength - speed profiles of the athletes in order to optimize the physical preparation
- Delivery of a complete report within 5 days to the players and/or coaches with advice, areas for improvement and points of vigilance

February 2022-to-date
Consultant for the American Tennis brand "Diadem" on the French market
- Direct relationship with Diadem US and Europe
- Helping this young American tennis brand to establish itself and develop on the French market (rackets, strings, clothing...)

September 2021-to-date
Consultant for the American company Har-Tru on the French market
- Direct and privileged relationship with Patrick Hanssen, President Har-Tru US and Europe
- Launch and development of the brand awareness in France (present in 23 countries)
- Creation and management of an FFT store for Har-Tru
- First year revenues for Har-Tru France : over 50000€

GPTCA B-Level International Coach
Tennis Integrity Protection Programme (TIPP) by TIU

Biomechanics Certification specific to tennis shots (forehand - backhand - service - smash) and footwork - Cyril Genevois

French Tennis Coach (DEJEPS Tennis) - French Tennis Federation and Ministry of Sports and Youth

Up-to-date professional tennis coach card issued by the French Ministry of Sports: Cliquer ici pour vérifier 


Graduate of Territorial Consultant of Physical and Sports Activities - Category A - National Center Montpellier (CNFPT)

Master's degree in sports training and high-level specialization - Montpellier University

Bachelor's degree in sports training with a tennis option (legal equivalence with the tennis trainer's diploma) - Montpellier University


Professional title of Sophrologist practitioner

Geoffroy Dupuis

Email: (professional) / (personal)
Phone no.: (France) / +33 665733943 (from abroad)