- Currently works with Alessio Gallo (2.6), Pietro Marcon (2.6) the captains of the C series which they are part of
- Also works with Liriza Selishta (born 2005, Switzerland)

Summer 2018
Collaborated with ATP players Tomislav Brkic and Ante Pavic during the Challenger tournament in Como, at the kind request of Alberto Castellani and Claudio Pistolesi

Worked with Federico Lucini for one season

Has formed players including Eneonora Canovi (born 2000, currently plays the Serie A1 championship for Lumezzane), Enea Ribolini (born 2000, Italian ranking 2.4, has played several international youth tournaments U16, best round of 16 in Veli lojini in Croatia and doubles finalist in Czech Republic)

Coach at Eracle sport center (Como)

Responsible for the agonistic section at Casnate (Como); trained Eleonora Canovi, Pietro Marcon, Alessio Gallo

2009/2010, 2010/2011
Worked as a member of a group of coaches for the technical preparation of two WTA players: Giulia Sussarello and Sara Sussarello

Responsible for the under agonistic section at Tavernola tennis club (Como)

Worked at the Sporting Faloppio (Como) tennis center as a teacher in courses at different levels

Worked at Tennis Center Tavernola (Como) as a tennis school teacher 



Italian Tennis Federation (F.I.T) 2nd Level instructor

PTR instructor
GPTCA A-Level International Coach


Federico Cara


Email: federico.cara@libero.it