Full time tennis instructor
- Working with different categories of players in the provinces of Vercelli, Biella and Turin
- Has his own club in Azeglio, province of Turin

Worked in many clubs with several good-skilled players under 12/14/16/18

Playing Career

Played in Italy until the age of 15 with good results that led him to train in Germany and Switzerland, until the age of 29. Took part mostly at 2nd category tournaments in Germany and achieved excellent results, winning some of them




- GPTCA B-Level International Coach
- GPTCA C-Level International Coach
- Tennis Mental Coach - Mental Aspects of Tennis by SSPS (Scuola Superiore Psicologia dello Sport)
- PTR Instructor



- National F.I.T Instructor


Personal fitness trainer by ISSA

Sports massage therapist by Tao group


Davide Mazzetto


Email: davidemazzetto82@gmail.com
Phone no.: 0039/3319044119