- Professional International Player Development Coach with over 25 years of international experience in the area of world-class player development
- Travels extensively and consistently on the ITF Junior & Pro Circuit, and the WTA Tour dating back to 1990
- Has lived on 5 Continents in support of an ITF Junior or WTA Tour level player, or in a lead/major role at a training center or academy
- Has developed, coached or trained players who have competed in several Davis Cup, Fed Cup and Olympic Games, as well as all major junior and professional events, including each and every Grand Slam
- Has over 20 Grand Slam credentials

January 2020-to-date
National Performance Coach at Hong Kong Tennis Association, Hong Kong, S.A.R. China
*A lead national performance coach, based at the National Training Center in Kowloon Tsai Park.  Works, coaches, mentors, guides, directs, trains and travels exclusively with the Hong National Team, Junior Davis Cup and Junior Fed Cup players, along with select Hong Kong Sports Institute Players.  Presently working exclusively with the Junior Davis Cup Team and JDC “hopefuls” for the upcoming year, engaging in daily on-court training, coaching and tournament support. Personally developed a specialized training program, focusing on strength and conditioning for JDC players and candidates.
*One of only two coaches in Hong Kong to hold a GPTCA Level A credential - diploma - certification

Director of The Eastburn Group (Tampa Bay, Florida)
*Independently contracted Professional Player Development Coach, working exclusively with some of the best young players in USTA, Tennis Europe, ITF Junior and Pro Circuit

Head Coach - Director of Player Development at Tennis Club Odense (Odense, Denmark)  http://www.tennisclubodense.dk/
*Denmark’s oldest and most historic tennis club

Head Coach - Director of Tennis at Smash Tennis Academy (Cairo Egypt)
*Was Africa’s largest and most successful tennis academy

Director of Player Development at Revive Tennis (Perth, Western Australia)
*Was Western Australia’s most successful coaching business, operating more then 12 training centers

Director of Player Recruitment and Development at The Palmer Academy Florida at Saddlebrook (Wesley Chapel, Florida)
*Trained, coached, served as a Touring Coach for some of the world’s most successful young junior and professional tennis players. Recruited players from world-wide and served as the Development Coach for many of the academies best young females, including many national champions

Academy Coach - ITF / WTA Tour Coach at Harry Hopman / Saddlebrook International Tennis (Wesley Chapel, Florida)
*Trained and Traveled with the some of the academy’s top young international players including national champions from over 15 nations during the Pete Sampras, Jim Courier and Jennifer Capriati “glory” years at Saddlebrook

WTA and ATP players trained, coached or traveled with:
Jennifer Capriati / WTA Grand Slam Champion (Academy Coach at Saddlebrook 1991-1993)
Christelle Fauche / WTA Tour ranking from 0 to #80 (Private Tour Coach 1991-1992)
Jessica Emmons / WTA Career High ranking #131 (Served as Assistant Travel Coach 1992)
Alison Riske / WTA Career High ranking #45 (Travel Coach in the juniors)
Sunitha Rao / WTA Career High ranking #144 singles (Private Tour Coach 2003-2008)
Vilmarie Castellvi / WTA Career High ranking #125 / 2003 NCAA Number 1and NCAA Finalist (Private Tour Coach 2003-2006)
Alla Kudryavtseva / WTA ranking from #175 to #63 (Private Tour Coach 2007)
Ryoko Fuda / WTA Career High ranking #143 (Travel Tour Coach 2005-2007)
Davide Sanguinetti / ATP Career High ranking #42 (Academy Coach at Saddlebrook)
Alex Kuznetsov / ATP Career High ranking #120 (Private Coach in juniors)
Matthew Ebden / ATP Career High ranking #61 (Seasonal Training Coach in juniors)

Bill Eastburn

Email: bills10s@aol.com