We are a tennis Academy located in Caracas, Venezuela since 2017, where we restored and built 2 municipal tennis courts creating a partnership with the mayor’s office of the municipality. 

In 2022 we opened its doors to a bigger audience in a private tennis and padel facility with 4 courts. At the moment, the Academy has around 130 athletes and 20 coaches including physical instructors, sports psychologists, physios. We recently opened a brach in a prestigious international school in Caracas, we have also organized a series of tournaments and camps that have proven to be a great success. 

Our main objective is to form not only great athletes but also great human beings. At the moment, we have 5 athletes in the national top 10 and 20 athletes in the top 100 aiming everyday for more. Following a philosophy and program that has proven to be a great success in our second facility we focus on high performance athletes and our system is created to initiate, form and develop athletes as young as 4 years of age. 

Our Programs are divided into the following stages: 

1. Initiation

2. Formation

3. High Performance

4. Adults

Here's our team of coaches, sports psychologists and physios: 

Gustavo Belisario | Founder and Director

Luis Brito | Head Coach and Co-Director (San Luis)

Andres Garcia | Head Coach (Los Naranjos)

Mauricio García | Coach 

Alexander Alvarez | Coach

Oscar Hernandez | Coach

Giuseppe Mandala | Coach

Lenin Meléndez | Psychologist

Francisco Romero | Director of Strength and Conditioning 

Angela Perez | Physiotherapist