February-May 2021
Private Performance Coach
- Srivally Medishetty - Girls U16, India #15 (Apr) 
- Abhirama Reddy - Boys U 14 
- Aayush Kothari - Boys U 14 
= Shreyas Reddy - Boys U 12 
- G. Khyathi Reddy - Girls U16      

December 2020-February 2021
Private Performance Coach
- Srivally Medishetty - Girls U16, India #39 (Dec) - India #21 (Feb)
- P. Sai Charan Mohith - Reddy Boys U16, India #70 (Feb)
- S. Rushikesh - Boys U16 
- Abhirama Reddy - Boys U14
- G. Khyathi Reddy - Girls U16

October- December 2020
Private Performance Coach
- D1 collegiate - Sahil Chennadi 
- P. Sai Charan Mohith Reddy - Boys U16, India #128

August 2020-October 2020
Private Performance Coach
- Personal coach to Boys' U16 & India's #45 Rajeshwar Reddy
- D1 collegiate - Sahil Chennadi 
- Women's India #21 Humera Baharmus

November 2019-March 2020
Performance Coach at VM Tennis Academy
- Responsible for age group U10-U16

May 2019-March 2020
Assistant Tennis Coach at SKTA
- Developed many tennis drills specifically for singles and soubles
- Created individualized plans that supported goals of athletes
- Helped players to master their forehand, backhand and serve techniques
- Worked to recruit and retain talented and committed athletes
- Actively encouraged players to do stretches before and after tennis session
- Demonstrated techniques of forehand, backhand and serve
- Worked closely with players during their competition period and days before tournament week
- Shared knowledge to players about the importance of proper diet, recovery and energy to bring on court
- Experience in training with players between 8-18 years of age

August 2018
Turned Pro at ITF 15K in Anning, China (1st ITF trip)

November 2017
Men's Monty tour winner in Barcelona, Spain

U18 Best national ranking #42
U12 best national ranking #14

GPTCA B-Level International Coach

GPTCA C-Level International Coach
ISMCA Level 1

PTR Instructor 10&Under and 11-17


Pursuing B.A (Bachelor of arts)

Apuroop Reddy Patlolla

Email: apuroopr1@gmail.com

ITF Pro Circuit (China, Thailand, Singapore, Israel)

Men's National (India) Tournaments

Other National (India) level tournaments in my Junior years

Highest Professional Ranking : #1614 in singles 

Spanish Tournaments: Monty Men's Winner - October 2017