December 2018-to-date
Tennis Coach at Tennis Academy Obradovic
- Assisting main coach Bogdan Obradovic
- Sparring partner to junior players
- Working with kids all ages
- Thoroughly planned and directed match strategies, developing play patterns and analyzing game progress
- Creating individualized plans that supported the goals and needs of specific athletes
- Plans for professional and non-professional players

June 2022
Tennis Coach at Ljubicic Tennis Academy, Summer Tennis Camp
Cooperation with TC Schwargelb Heidelberg & Kukaras Academy
- Working with kids all ages

Playing Career

Competition in the category up to 18 years - won numerous medals and trophies (active period 2008-2018)

GPTCA B-Level International Coach

GPTCA C-Level International Coach


Metropolitan University

Sports Gymnasium Belgrade

Davis Cup 2013 (Serbia vs Canada) - Ball boy
Davis Cup 2013 Final (Serbia vs Czech rep.) - Ball boy
Davis Cup 2015 (Serbia vs Croatia) - Volunteer in organization
Fed Cup 2015 (Serbia vs Paraguay) - Volunteer in organizing
Davis Cup 2016 (Serbia vs Kazakhstan) - Ball boy
Fed Cup 2016 (Serbia vs Belgium) - Ball boy & Flag bearer
Davis Cup 2016 (Serbia vs Great Britain) - Ball boy
Davis Cup 2017 (Serbia vs Spain) - Ball boy & Flag bearer

Aleksa Strika

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