Norman Appointed National President of Sweden, Norway and Denmark

The great Swede Magnus Norman, former number 2 in the world and Roland Garros finalist, has just signed an agreement with GPTCA to become the new National President for Sweden, Norway and Denmark.


His great past on the court is perfectly mixing with a brilliant present as a Coach. Together with Nicklas Kulti and Mikael Tillstroem, Magnus is the Director of the academy ‘Good to Great,’ that features Grigor Dimitrov and many other pupils.


The GPTCA is thrilled with this new cooperation and the President Alberto Castellani is particularly happy: "GPTCA is particularly proud to appoint one of the greatest players from Sweden and a fantastic and very motivated coach. We look forward to his courses and his contribution to the Association."


Magnus himself is content of this partnership: "I see a very high value in the GPTCA and all the experience that is within the organization. I am happy to join forces with them and to be a small part of helping coaches in the Nordic countries get more knowledge. I look forward to the first course right before the Stockholm Open."


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