An Interview with Editor-in-Chief of Elite Tennis

Since February 2017, Robert Davis has been Editor-in-Chief of the tennis coaching journal ELITE TENNIS.


What was the reason for publishing ELITE?

RD: Our objective is to share the knowledge and experience of proven coaches who have guided players on this most incredible of journeys which is the professional tennis tour. Also, before a player can be developed from the juniors to the professional ranks, he or she will need to be taught good technique, movement and training habits. The importance of a good tennis teacher cannot be understated.


There are many tennis publications already in circulation, and with Youtube there is already a huge amount of information available to consumers. How does ELITE differ?

RD: Quite simply, access. Through our tight network of coaches and their players we have access to behind the scenes stories that other journalists and tennis aficionados cannot get. There is so much valuable information and inspiring stories being discussed in the locker room, or in the gym, at the player’s lounge restaurant, or over a beer at the hotel. For those coaches, players and parents out there who have questions but cannot seem to find the right answers–ELITE is for you.


ELITE has a strong list of contributing writers which include coaches and active players.

RD: Yes, that is our strength! We take pride in having veteran coaches and tennis teachers that share their philosophies with ELITE. The GPTCA is a confluence of great tennis minds. Think of ELITE as a place where great tennis minds meet to discuss and share their philosophy on developing tennis players, teaching technique, building programs, the latest in nutrition and physical conditioning, and personal journeys that inspire others to continue onwards when all looks lost.


In the first issue, there were a few references to mentors and personal testimonies. Why?

RD: First off, the coaches who are widely considered the best throughout the history of tennis have used tennis as a vehicle or platform to teach their players about life. Just look at what a great job Toni (Nadal) did with Rafa. I mean, come on, what great social skills and manners he taught Rafa at a very early age through tennis. And Boris (Sobkin) with Youzhny. Bob Brett has been a wonderful mentor for so many players and coaches. In short, these coaches have always put the welfare of the person ahead of the player. At ELITE we want to honour those men who have chosen to mentor others.

By having past and current players share their testimonies, we hope that these ‘journeys’ might help others facing in similar situations. You never know you might have a positive influence on when you share your experiences from the tennis tour. It could be a player or parent, or even someone outside of tennis. In brief, if through the pages of ELITE we can educate through communicating different philosophies, respect the sacrifices of veteran coaches and teachers who have helped others and inspire someone who might be dealing with self-doubt; then we can say–Mission Accomplished!


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