C-Level Course, Porto, Portugal

On May 2018, from the 18th to the 20th, the GPTCA will conduct its first ever C Level Course in the beautiful city of Oporto. The speakers will include Toni Nadal and Alberto Castellani, among others. The event will be organized by Pancho Campo and his company Chrand Marketing & Events, in association with the Polytechnic Institute of Oporto, P.Porto.


The event will also feature a special session for players, coaches, parents and tennis enthusiasts in general. In this session the coaches will talk about how Rafa Nadal became one of the best players ever, how to face and manage stress, and lots of other interesting issues around developing a player.


Registration Fees:

- GPTCA C-Level Course: 390€

- an annual GPTCA Membership: 100€ (valid till the end of 2019)


The fee includes:

- 3 days of GPTCA course and exams

- Instructional materials

- T-shirt of the event

- invitation to the speech


Official website of the event:


Contact for applicants:
(+351) 225 571 050
Pedro Coelho
Diretor Técnico, Escola de Ténis do Politécnico do Porto


Pancho Campo
CEO, Chrand Marketing & Events